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X–Lite 3.0

Combining voice calls, video calls and Instant Messaging in a simple interface, CounterPath’s X-Lite helps you seamlessly transition from a traditional phone environment into the world of Voice over IP.

The latest release of X-Lite provides a completely redesigned interface that allows for a contact-centric or dialpad-centric user experience, or a combination of the two. It also provides you with some of the most popular features of our fully loaded Bria and eyeBeam softphones so you can take them for a test drive before you make your purchase.

Whether you’re having a simple voice conversation, saying hello to loved ones over video or chatting with friends over IM, you’ll soon see why having a softphone on your desktop or laptop is the ultimate communications experience.

X-Lite Features

  • Open Standards and Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based call signaling allows X-Lite to work with a wide number of networks
  • Comprehensive Personal Address Book, including detailed calls lists and history
  • Zero-Touch Configuration of your USB headset or other audio/video devices
  • IM and Presence Management
  • Choice of dial pad-centric or contact-centric interface, or a combination of both


  • Whether your friends or family live around the corner or across the country, use audio and video conferencing to stay in touch
  • Use the Address book to manage your contacts information and to check if they are online
  • Instant Message people in your address book when you don’t really need to talk



 Setup fee Bria


Bria 3 is a carrier-grade next generation softphone application that enables you to manage your communications easily and efficiently – all from your computer desktop. Replacing or complementing your hard phone, the Bria softphone allows you to make VoIP and Video calls over IP, see when your contacts are available, send Instant Messages and transfer files with ease and efficiency.

Built on SIP and open standards, Bria is proven interoperable with many of the industry’s standard platforms and devices. It now also includes features specifically designed for business and enterprise users and can be deployed within an enterprise environment either by manual configuration via the softphone Graphical User Interface (GUI) or by using a provisioning server.

The latest softphone technology

Bria 3 is the first CounterPath softphone based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and .net for Windows, and Cocoa for Mac, the most flexible user interface frameworks currently available. This foundation enables a dynamic interface with new task flows and customization options for an unprecedented user experience.


Bria 3 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The features listed below are for Windows and Mac only, unless otherwise specified.

The Windows version is available in 10 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese and Russian.

New to Bria 3.2

  • Multiple Account Integration
    • Communicate with contacts from different sources and accounts, including local or company directories, Microsoft Outlook, XMPP, XCap or WebDav servers.
    • Merge contacts into a single view with all of their information from different sources in the same place.
    • View a contact’s presence status on their various accounts in order to choose the communication method to reach them best.
  • Bria Add-in for Outlook® (Windows Only)
    • Make calls directly from Microsoft Outlook® emails and contacts
    • View missed calls and new voicemail notifications directly in Microsoft Outlook®
    • Control main Bria functions directly in Microsoft Outlook®
  • Company Chat Rooms
    • Join company chat rooms for conferences and meetings
  • Improved Contact Management, Display, Sound Controls (Volume and Mute) and Workgroup functions
  • And more!

Standard Features

Interoperability and configuration

  • Open Standards based
  • Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based signaling for all interactive media sessions
  • Performance Management of the SIP end-point
  • High Compression codec support
  • Zero-Touch Configuration of your audio or video devices
  • Support for plug-and-play HID-compliant devices with the option to personalize buttons to control Bria (Windows only)


  • Focused around your address book, Bria’s contact-centric interface gives you more ways to make, receive and manage your calls and IMs
  • Make your desktop space more manageable by rearranging the layout, and resizing and viewing different components of the phone

Call Management

  • Communicate more efficiently with a contact-centric user interface
  • Hide the dial pad when you don’t need it
  • Make voice and video conference calls
  • Record voice and video calls
  • Employ Do Not Disturb function audio/video calls and/or IM and/or availability status
  • Detach call tabs
  • Hide your ID for calls
  • See incoming call alerts
  • Enjoy enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) for voice and video calls

Contact Management

  • Add a contact during a call
  • View combined history for calls and IM attached to contact details
  • Use default contact method for each contact
  • Place one contact in several groups
  • View avatars for individual contacts
  • Synchronize your contacts with Microsoft Outlook® personal address book (Windows only); Supports Mac Address Book (Mac only)
  • Manage, sort and filter up to 3,000 contacts

Instant Message (IM) Management

  • Send instant messages to groups
  • Use IM tabs for multiple IM conversations in one window
  • See IM alerts for incoming IM
  • Invite and chat with multiple people in one IM (Group Chat via XMPP)
  • Save, view and search previous instant messages in an IM archive
  • Click to see recent IMs


  • Receive or block notification alerts for contacts’ status
  • Establish unique privacy rules for each contact
  • Select a contact or group of contacts and be notified when their phone and presence status changes


  • Security offering signaling & media encryption via TLS and SRTP
  • Firewall traversal and compliance with the latest standards (ICE, STUN, & TURN)