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The Business2Tel Service (based on detailed monthly invoices) is targeted mainly to corporate customers, and aims to reduce costs for international calls.

Thanks to the interconnection agreements that Iristel has with 30 of the biggest international carriers, Iristel now offers direct connectivity at the highest quality and at the best rates with over 280 countries and territories worldwide. Voice and data transmission is done using premium lines, and having a class 0 Internet connection for VoIP services (considered the highest class according to the ANCOM classification).


  • No access or configuration fee;
  • No monthly fee;
  • 6 seconds billing increments, after the first 30 seconds (undivided);
  • Detailed invoice by email;
  • National coverage
  • 30 days initial billable trial – upon receiving a written request
  • View your account online

How does it work

The connection is made by calling an access number, and followed by the destination phone number in the international format (00 + country code + phone number + #). The access numbers are:

0808 360 333 – available from *Telekom, **Orange, **Vodafone şi **Telekom Mobile

In order to receive the current rate sheet or for any additional inquiries, please contact our Customer Care Department and we will respond back as soon as possible.

The Business2Tel Service Agreement can be found here.

* Additional charge of 0.02 euro/minute

** Additional charge of 0.06 euro/minute